When did online education begin?

Answer In 1989, the University of Phoenix became the first school to launch an online university program. University of Phoenix students could earn their bachelor's or master's degree. That same year, a B... Read More »

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What year did online education begin?

According to eCollegeFinder, the first versions of "online education" appeared in the 1960s. A variety of schools, including Stanford University, began offering online class notes and teacher-stude... Read More »

How did special education begin?

Special education is a branch of education designed to help students whose needs differ from those of the average schoolchild. It is meant for both developmentally challenged and accelerated childr... Read More »

Are employees expected to continue their education once they begin the career?

i dunno if its expected but its good if u do. It'll improve your ways of working which will probably make your boss happy.

When did online banking begin?

Presidential Savings, which is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, started online banking on October 6, 1995 by letting customers open bank accounts online. It was soon followed by the first Inter... Read More »