Are basements supposed to be dirty If to deal with and clean a dirty one!?

Answer No, basements are not supposed to be dirty. And the only way to clean one is to dig in and do it.If it seems overwhelming, break the job down into smaller parts. Set small goals, like cleaning ju... Read More »

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When is Dirty Jobs on?

It is usually on during the day.

How to Know when Your Gerbil Cage Is Dirty?

Keeping your gerbils clean is very important, but simple when mastered.

How to Know When Your Fuel Injectors Are Dirty?

Fuel injectors help to keep your engine in peak performance by maintaining fuel economy and emissions. However, at some point in time, the fuel injectors can become dirty. When the fuel injectors ... Read More »

Is it bad to hide dirty dishes in the oven when you get unexpected company?

No, it's not bad, I have done that and I have also crammed the washing machine full of dirty clothes before I answered the door.