When did mortgage deregulation occur?

Answer Mortgage deregulation began in 1980 with the passing of the Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act and continued in 1982 with the passing of the Alternative Mortgage Transact... Read More »

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What is deregulation?

Beginning with the election of President Reagan in 1980, a trend toward deregulation of economic activity swept across the country. Advocates of deregulation argue that government regulations hampe... Read More »

What is banking deregulation?

Bank deregulation is when the rules, laws and regulations that banks are subject to are reduced or eliminated. Deregulation allows banks and other financial services institutions to market products... Read More »

What is economic deregulation?

The process of economic deregulation involves a governmental body removing restrictions on corporations that had previously been put in place. Some have leveled the blame for the economic recession... Read More »