When did microsoft start paying dividends?

Answer According to, Microsoft began paying dividends to their shareholders in 2003. Many companies fall into "free cash" and decide to share their profits as dividends. Other companies ch... Read More »

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Reasons for Paying Dividends?

A dividend is a payment to a company's stockholders either in the form of cash or additional shares. Not all companies pay dividends. Small or high-growth companies generally do not pay dividends; ... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Paying Dividends?

Dividends are cash payments to investors. The board of a corporation makes the decision on whether to make these payments, which generally occur quarterly. Depending on the size of the corporation,... Read More »

How to Start Paying a Judgment?

Creditors and lenders may seek payment, but if you're unresponsive, they can file a lawsuit against you. A judge can place a judgment on your record for non-payment. Taking steps to start paying a ... Read More »

Dividends Declared & Dividends Payable?

Dividends are financial rewards a company gives to shareholders. Dividends are not a necessity as part of the reward given to shareholders. When they do occur, however, a company must accurately re... Read More »