When did margaret wise brown die?

Answer Margaret Wise Brown was the author of beloved children's books, such as "Goodnight Moon" and "The Color Kittens." She died unexpectedly at the age of 42 in November of 1952. The cause was a blood c... Read More »

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Activities for "The Fierce Yellow Pumpkin" by Margaret Wise Brown?

"The Fierce Yellow Pumpkin" by Margaret Wise Brown is the story of a young pumpkin in a patch who dreams of becoming a scary pumpkin. The pumpkin's dream is then realized when he is picked by some ... Read More »

Why did Margaret Brown become famous?

Say "Margaret Brown," and some people may not recognize the name, but say "Molly Brown" and a whole other story emerges---one that's tied to one of the most harrowing rescue stories in history.Iden... Read More »

What happens insurance wise and point wise in Florida if you get two tickets in less than a year but the second ticket is for under 10 miles over the limit?

==Answer==Moving violations probably are equal as far as earning points. Your insurance will go up as the insurance company reviews your policy...often that is at renewal, or can be at random times... Read More »

Would it be wise for a 14 year-old girl to agree to marry an Egyptian when she turns 18 and he will be 20?

Answer If your Egyptian is an American citizen, then there is room for you both to make your family dynamic as you wish--more American in some ways, Egyptian in others. However, if you will be mov... Read More »