When did malaria come to Africa?

Answer Malaria is actually believed to have been born out of Western and Central Africa, with precursors to the present disease emerging half a billion years ago. The modern P. falciparum strain emerged 4... Read More »

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Where in Africa is there Malaria?

Google rocks:……Basically, Africa below the Saharan region down to north of South... Read More »

How many people in Africa die from malaria?

The World Health Organization reports that in 2008, of the approximately 863,000 global malaria deaths, about 767,000 occurred in Africa. Further, WHO estimates that African nations account for 85%... Read More »

When did malaria start in Africa?

According to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, fossils from mosquitoes show signs of malaria existing 30 million years ago, long before humans came on the scene. It is hypothesized that malaria ... Read More »

How can your community help fight malaria, a disease that kills 8,000 children in Africa daily?

Our community can help by educating ourselves on current events in Africa,first by knowing where Africa is then learning the different horrendous plights thought this very very sad continent ,with ... Read More »