When did Jim Reeves die in a plane crash?

Answer Singer "Gentleman Jim" Reeves and his manager, Dean Manuel, died in a plane crash July 31, 1964. The plane crashed in a densely forested area and searchers did not find the bodies until two days af... Read More »

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When did an Air Force plane crash occur in North Collins New York?

Yes, you can fail AF BMT. You can only fail the PT test, until you enter the operational airforce unless you REALLY screw up it's very hard to get kicked out of the airforce unless it's a medical c... Read More »

Is it safer to travel by plane or is it more likely the train would crash or the plane HELP?

Dont worry about it, I have been railroading more or less every day since 1973 and I have not been injured yet. You are much much safer on a train than the cab ride to the station. And just for the... Read More »

How to Survive a Plane Crash?

Commercial airlines around the world now carry nearly 2.5 billion passengers a year, and despite the inherent dangers of rocketing through the sky miles above the Earth in a very heavy piece of met... Read More »

How often is there a plane crash?

Very safe considering there are literally thousands of flights daily. most people feel safer in a plane than in a car. Last major commercial airline crash was in 2009 Air France flight from Rio to ... Read More »