When did labor unions start?

Answer Skilled U.S. workers began forming local unions in the early 1800s. National unions were founded by the time the Civil War began in 1861. Some of these fell apart but were replaced by stronger unio... Read More »

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Im 35 weeks and im 3 cm and 100 effaced when will labor start and should you take castor oil to start it?

You are still a couple weeks off of wanting to have ur baby. If i were you I would wait one more week...i know that sounds like alot but im 2cm dialated 60 percent effaced and 33 weeks and they put... Read More »

The Pros of Labor Unions?

Labor unions are groups composed of employees, usually ones who perform similar duties or who work for specific employers, that act as a single unit when negotiating with employers. Usually, member... Read More »

Are labor unions effective?

On One Hand: A long history of helping workersUnions have effectively negotiated raises and benefits on behalf of their members for the better part of 150 years. Today, various trade unions have ov... Read More »

Who regulates labor unions?

The National Labor Relations Board, or NLRB, regulates labor unions. It was created by the Wagner Act, which Congress passed in 1935. Prior to that, abuses were common within labor unions and compa... Read More »