When do babies start actually kissing?

Answer Awww how sweet!! :)Caleb has been giving me baby kisses for a few months now. He gives me big, slobbery, open mouthed kisses.... sometimes with teeth involved which can become unpleasant pretty qu... Read More »

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When kissing, which is best, lip gloss or chapstick?

lip gloss. Makes your lips shiny and more attractive like "hey, kiss me"...i like flavors too...blueberry is nice :)

Survey: When kissing somebody, do you use "both" the upper and lower lips?

Ah ha ha! I can't believe how long it took me to ge t that!If it's a good kiss my lower lips start to spasm.

Why in the new episode idate a bad boy does Carly make a weird face when shes kissing the boy?

No one knows for sure if Rico knows that Miley is Hannah. He was a narrator in "He Could Be the One" and "I'll Always Remember You", so it is possible for him to know. Also he knows Miley's dad is ... Read More »

How to Make It Look Like You're Kissing Someone when You're Not?

'Faking' a kiss can be good fun, so here's how to do it.