When did indoor plumbing become code?

Answer The English Public Health Code of 1848 became a model plumbing code and was followed 20 years later in the United States by the New York Metropolitan Board of Health. The resulting Metropolitan Hea... Read More »

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What is recommended psi for indoor plumbing?

Who was the inventor of indoor plumbing?

The first "indoor" plumbing credit goes to the Romans, how ever primitive it may have been. They first invented the aqueducts that carried water from the mountains and hills surrounding Rome, and w... Read More »

Who invented indoor plumbing?

Inventing of Indoor Plumbing A guy by the name of Crapper, YES, that WAS his name. Crapper Answer Actually, Thomas Crapper is only credited with inventing an indoor toilet in Elizabethan times. Thi... Read More »

When was indoor plumbing invented?

Answer Since there are so many different advances in "indoor plumbing" recorded from many time periods it is hard to be precise.I found this webiste to be of much help. Read More »