Which one is cheaper, Iceland or Tesco?

Answer If your looking for frozen foods then Iceland but if your looking for all different kind of foods then Tescos :D

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Do Australians need a visa for Iceland?

Australian citizens need only a passport to visit Iceland as long as their planned stay duration is three months or less. Foreign nationals living in Australia should check with the Royal Danish Em... Read More »

Do I need a visa to visit Iceland?

American citizens are not required to file for visitor visas before entering Iceland. With a passport, Americans can enter Iceland for a three-month stay within the Schengen Zone. They are not allo... Read More »

When were catholics driven out of iceland?

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the last Catholic bishop of Iceland was Arason Jon. In 1548, he was killed fighting the Protestants and his son Jon was made bishop, but without confirmation... Read More »

Is Iceland Spring water really any different from others?

On One Hand: Natural PurityIceland Spring bottled water is mostly glacier and snow melt that filters through several layers of lava rock before it's bottled. This natural filtration removes mineral... Read More »