When did iPhone 3GS come out in UK?

Answer It is called an accellerometer. Electrons located in a chip with sensors in all directions on it move due to gravity. The sensors know which way the device is pointed, therefore changing position o... Read More »

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When Iphone 4 becomes free , will it come with unlimited data plan and when does the iphone 4 become free?

Depending on your service provider and the iPhone product isn't free, you still pay taxes and whatnot. Please talk to your service provider for further information for their plans about having free... Read More »

When did the iPhone 3GS come out?

When did iPhone 3g come out?

i think in September or November last year but im not sure but im for sure that it came out in 2008

When did the iPhone 4S come out?

it was released in about may 2012...i think