When did htc wildfire come out?

Answer Your mum a clock Willy head

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Does the Wildfire S lag as hard as the original Wildfire?

The wildfire S does have a better processor (600 MHz vs 528MHz), so it doesn't lag as bad. But the wildfire S isn't very fast compared to faster phones like the HTC sensation XE either.

Is HTc wildfire bigger than HTc wildfire s?

Yes the wildfire S has a smaller body and only a 3inch screen and the graphics are better than the wildfire.

Is HTC Wildfire G8 same as HTC Wildfire A3333?

Yes it is. I found another question which is similar to yours.…

Should you go for the HTC wildfire?

trust me shops give you cheap deals for it but its not worth it i bought it and its well crap no good features so i sold it