When did home computers appear?

Answer According to Compusaur, even though only 40 units were produced, the Kenbak-1 is considered the first computer manufactured for use at home by a single individual. The unit did not look like a mode... Read More »

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When did the Z-84 home theatre first appear?

I've never heard of Z-84 home theatre, but I ahve heard of a Z-84 model gun. The Z-84 is of totally new design. It has a box-shaped reciever witha muzzle protruding a short distance from the barre... Read More »

Why do roaches appear at my home, is it because my home is dirty?

No, most of the time if you have roaches it could be the area you live in, or have small cracks in your home where they can enter.

How do i rate home computers?

Processor SpeedFind out how fast the processor is. The processor is the engine of the computer. The faster it is, the better performance you will get.MemorySee how much RAM, or random access memo... Read More »

How do i hook up two computers at home?

Connecting the ComputersUse an Ethernet crossover cable (not a normal cable) to connect the two computers by attaching either end of the cable to each computer's network adapter.Operating System Se... Read More »