When did hepatitis C first emerge?

Answer Hepatitis C is a virus passed by the blood that attacks the liver. It is hard know exactly when hepatitis C first emerged though because it can only be detected by blood sample, and there are no bl... Read More »

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When do tadpoles emerge?

After male and female frogs mate and reproduce through sexual reproduction, their tadpoles usually stay in their egg for between 6 and 21 days before hatching, according to Frogland. At birth, a ta... Read More »

When do hostas emerge in the spring?

Hostas emerge from the soil from mid-May to early June, at about the same time that the leaves of spring-blooming tulips are beginning to wilt and fade. Emerging hosta plants look like rounded gree... Read More »

When did Oprah Winfrey emerge?

Since that date many thiongs have been invented, too many in fact to list here. Then there is the small but important point theat what some people would call 'cool' is boring to other people.

When do lightning bugs emerge as adults?

Lightning bug larvae spend up to 2 years below ground. In late spring, they construct small shelters from soil, where they become pupa. Approximately 10 days later, in early summer, adult lightning... Read More »