When did health insurance begin?

Answer The first health insurance plans began in the mid 1800s during the Civil War period. According to, health care plans initially provided only insurance against injuries sustained i... Read More »

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When did Hatch-Kennedy children's health insurance begin?

Senators Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch created a plan to provide uninsured children with access health care through the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) in 1997. An activist in heal... Read More »

What decade did group health insurance begin?

The concept of health insurance was proposed in 1694 by Hugh the Elder Chamberlen from the Peter Chamberlen family. In the late 19th century, "accident insurance" began to be available.Health insur... Read More »

When did insurance begin?

The history of insurance can be traced back to ancient Babylon around 1700 B.C. A Babylonian monument had the "Hammurabi Code" carved into it, protecting debtors in case of a catastrophe. In the Mi... Read More »

If you are an American traveling through Canada with no health insurance should you purchase health insurance for your trip?