When did forensic science originate?

Answer The exact origins of forensic science are unknown, dating to ancient times. It is generally believed that forensic science developed in 6 A.D., when a book on forensic science was published in Chin... Read More »

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When was forensic science developed?

Forensic science has been around since the 700s, when the Chinese used fingerprint analysis to identify documents and sculptures. One of the first recorded uses of forensic science in solving crime... Read More »

When was forensic science created?

The fundamental elements of forensic science date back to prehistoric times, when rock paintings and carvings show evidence that fingerprints were used. Starting in the 700s, the Chinese began usin... Read More »

When was forensic science first used?

The first documented use of forensic science was in 1248. A Chinese book "Xi Yuan Ji Lu" or "Collected Cases of Injustice Rectified," contained descriptions of how to distinguish a death due to dro... Read More »

When was forensic science first practiced?

Modern forensic science first found its way into general practice in 1903. The case of an inmate named Will West convinced detectives that fingerprint identification is a reliable method of investi... Read More »