When did forensic psychology start?

Answer Forensic psychology is psychology applied to the criminal justice system. According to West Chester University of Pennsylvania, the history of forensic psychology dates back to at least 1901, when ... Read More »

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Forensic Psychology & Law?

Many students have taken notice of the expert witness that takes the stand to absolve a wrongful accusation or to confirm a crime took place. Who is that expert and how were they chosen to take the... Read More »

Issues in Forensic Psychology?

Defined by L. R. C. Haward as "the application of psychology to the study of evidence for a court of law," forensic psychology is a relatively new and rapidly expanding discipline. Having been reco... Read More »

Forensic Psychology Degrees?

Popular media is full of clever FBI agents and criminal profilers that can do no wrong. Yet despite the hyperbole, forensic psychology is a growing field that is far more complex than television ac... Read More »

Forensic Psychology Experiments?

Forensic psychology is where the study of psychology meets the legal and criminal justice system. In broad terms, it is the application of principles of psychology to the problems of law enforcemen... Read More »