When did flash photography become popular?

Answer In the 1800s. There have been three generations of flash equipment, and in the 1800s they used flash powder--powdered magnesium that burned quickly and made a very bright light. Then came flashbulb... Read More »

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Is Pin-up girl photography a popular kind of photography?

Yes. Pin up modeling/photography has been around since the 1940s, 1950s up to today. Many celebrities have done pin up modeling and there are plenty of freelance models that specialize in this type... Read More »

Flash Photography ! Am I the only one that doesn't like the Flash affect ?

Flash effect???Using flash can give hundreds of different effects including simulating daylight when required.IF you are talking about the effect you get from on camera flash units or built in unit... Read More »

How to Learn Flash Photography?

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What element was used in flash photography?

Magnesium is used extensively in old-fashioned flash photography. It is used in some fireworks, also.Fireworks usually contain a mixture of metals chosen for the colors they produce, along with gun... Read More »