When did electronic filing become mandatory in Missouri bankruptcy court?

Answer The Missouri bankruptcy court, like all bankruptcy courts, is a federal court. Electronic filing became mandatory, with limited exceptions for sealed documents, trial exhibits and certain types of ... Read More »

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Is there a time limit for filing an answer in state court after remand from federal court?

There is a time limit to file an answer in state court, after remand from federal court. Each state specifies this limit within their judicial codes. Arkansas, for instance, allows 20 days in most ... Read More »

What Is Electronic Filing?

Electronic filing, or e-filing, is defined as having the ability to file court documents using an electronic format instead of a paper format. The documents are converted into the format designated... Read More »

What Is an Electronic Filing Cabinet?

Electronic filing cabinet systems store traditional paper documents digitally by scanning and storing them to a computer hard drive. These systems provide a way for a company's employees to easily ... Read More »

How long does it take to get tax refunds from electronic filing?

According to the IRS, if you file a paper return, it can take six to eight weeks to receive a refund. If you e-file your return, it cuts the time in half (to about three to four weeks). If you choo... Read More »