When did dueling become illegal?

Answer The U.S. Congress passed an anti-dueling law, banning its practice in the District of Columbia on February 20, 1839. States followed by passing their own laws against dueling, contributing to its w... Read More »

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Yu-Gi-Oh Dueling Strategies?

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a trading card game (or TCG) in which two or more players battle using decks of cards; each card represents a monster, trap or magical spell. Each player attempts to reduce his opponen... Read More »

Where did dueling originate?

The judicial duel, a form of settling a quarrel by combat at a pre-appointed time, dates to Germanic tribes of the Dark Ages. It was prohibited in 887 by Pope Stephen VI, but the 16th century saw a... Read More »

When was dueling outlawed?

The Second Continental Congress passed Articles of War outlawing dueling in 1775. Although dueling ceased more quickly in the North than it did in the South, by 1820 every southern state had passed... Read More »

In what country is dueling legal?

According to the "My World South America" website, dueling is legal in the country of Paraguay. The legal regulation allowing for a duel is that both parties involved are registered blood donors.So... Read More »