When did czechoslovakia become communist?

Answer Czechoslovakia became a communist country in 1948, shortly after World War II ended. Only communists were allowed to compete in elections that year, and party leader Klement Gottwald took over as h... Read More »

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What are the changing character of us foreign policy in the world war 2 when Czechoslovakia became communist?

When did Czechoslovakia gain independence?

Czechoslovakia became an independent nation in 1918 following the collapse of Austria-Hungary. After World War II, Czechoslovakia was controlled by the Soviet Union until 1989 when free elections w... Read More »

When were Czechoslovakia& Austria defeated?

Both Austria and Czechoslovakia were defeated by Hitler's Nazi Germany before the official beginning of World War II. Austria was Germany's first non-violent conquest, March 12, 1938. Czechoslovaki... Read More »

Where is Czechoslovakia?

Czechoslovakia was a central-European country bordered by Germany and Poland to the north, and Austria and Hungary to the south. In 1993, Czechoslovakia split into two nations: the Czech Republic a... Read More »