When did contractors stop using asbestos insulation in residential homes?

Answer In 1973 and 1975, the Environmental Protection Agency prohibited the use of asbestos--a naturally occurring rock mineral fiber--in certain types of housing and building insulation. Contact with the... Read More »

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How do I find contractors flipping homes?

Make a List of ContactsCheck the Yellow Pages, classified ads and ask for referrals. Look for business cards tacked to bulletin boards at local supply shops. Write down phone numbers off of busines... Read More »

Is there something that looks like asbestos insulation, but is not?

Housing insulation often looks alike. Therefore, there are a number of types of insulation that look like asbestos, but are in fact not asbestos. This includes mineral wood insulation, rock wool in... Read More »

Does spray insulation contain asbestos?

The spray insulation used in construction today does not contain asbestos. According to the National Cancer Institute's fact sheet on asbestos exposure and cancer risk, the Environmental Protectio... Read More »

Does attic insulation contain asbestos?

Some attic insulation may contain asbestos, which is a fibrous material that is a cancer-causing substance and a serious health hazard. One example of an insulation brand that contains asbestos is ... Read More »