When did condominiums originate in the US?

Answer The first condominium in the US was developed in the US Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in 1958. The first condominium project in the Continental US was in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1960, under that stat... Read More »

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How many condominiums in the first Resort Condominiums International directory?

A brief search reveals that Resort Condominiums International (RCI) was formed in 1974, specializing in time-share vacation rentals.It is not clear how many entries existed in their first directory... Read More »

When will the values of condominiums in Florida come back up?

This is an unanswerable question, since predicting the future isn't a very good business for anyone, especially WikiAnswers. Best practices, however, would dictate that if you own a condominium, re... Read More »

What is the average cost per square foot for condominiums when sold in South Florida?

There is no standard: there is no average. Why? Because offering such would simply demonstrate a statistical skill. The answer would have no relevance on the value of the real estate. Why? Because ... Read More »

When did the UPC originate?

While the concept of a Universal Bar Code (UPC) originated at the Harvard School of Business Administration in 1932, it was not until 16 years later that Drexel Institute of Technology graduate stu... Read More »