When did child labor laws start in china?

Answer As of January 1, 1995, Chinese businesses were banned from employing children under the age of 16, according to the United States Department of Labor's Bureau of International Labor Affairs. Previo... Read More »

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When did the child labor laws start?

Federal standards of child labor were determined in 1938 by the Fair Labor Standards Act. The passing of that act was the product of decades of work by the the National Child Labor Committee, which... Read More »

China's Contract Labor Laws?

Labor law in the People's Republic of China is defined by a series of regulations. Although these laws cover a wide range of labor issues, Chapter four defines requirements for labor contracts. Cha... Read More »

Child Labor Laws in Indiana?

States enact child labor laws to put restrictions on teen workers. While working is an important lesson for teens to learn, it should not interfere with schoolwork or rest. The Indiana Department o... Read More »

What are child labor laws for Illinois?

Well,Florence Kelley Helped push things forward for anti-child labor, she was a factory inspecter, Chief in fact. And she shut down a lot of factories in the early 1900's in Chicago, Illinois to be... Read More »