When did child labor laws begin?

Answer Federal child labor laws were passed in 1938. The Fair Labor Standards Act set up restrictions on hours worked by children younger than 16, and dangerous jobs are restricted to workers older than 1... Read More »

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If you are 38 weeks and 2-3cm dilated and 75 effaced how soon will active labor begin with second child?

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Why were child labor laws made?

U.S. child labor laws were created in the early 20th century to keep children in school and protect them from the health and safety hazards associated with certain industries such as coal mining, a... Read More »

Labor Laws for a Child Under 16 in Arizona?

Arizona has a number of laws that protect children under 16 from exploitative and dangerous work. Arizona law restricts the number of hours a minor may work, when those hours are and what professio... Read More »

El Salvador Child Labor Laws?

El Salvador has faced an ongoing problem with the use of children for labor and prostitution. In El Salvador, most children who work do so in agricultural or domestic settings. The occurrence of ch... Read More »