When did blue ray discs are introduced?

Answer No. Blu-Ray discs will only play on Blu-Ray players and PlayStation 3.

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When were compact discs introduced?

Compact discs (CDs) were introduced in 1982, according to Chris Riemenschneider in a January 2008 article for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sony and Philips engineers conceived the id... Read More »

Do 3d blue ray discs play in blue ray player?

Most 3D televisions are comfortable to view. While early models sometimes had heavy glasses and some flickering, most on sale today have very lightweight glasses and are looking very realistic. The... Read More »

Blue ray discs?

Blu-Ray disc use a different color light in the laser use to read and write the information on the disc. It is very close to the "Blue" spectrum of light (thats where it gets the name). Because the... Read More »

What is the next technology after blue ray discs?

Well, there are at least 6 new things in the works, some are tweaks on the Blu-ray, others are a little " out there". But these ones here are coming. (1) There will be Blu-ray burning software (2) ... Read More »