When was the law passed that blacks could not vote?

Answer There was never a law passed banning blacks to vote; they were never given the right to vote until the ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment in 1870. The amendment stated that the "right of citiz... Read More »

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Can anyboday remember a show where aliens came to earth and had the President hold a vote if you sent all dark skinned blacks with them the aliens would purify the earth.?

Tokio Hotel Family: vote! Vote! VOTE!?

haha when i voted for Bill it was it was86% Bill9% Adam3% neither GO BILL! YAY! haha

Taking a vote on jellies ! Vote now !!?

Of the one's you listed - Red Raspberry Jelly, but I really like Spicy Pear Jelly

How to Be an All Blacks Fan?

New Zealand All Blacks LogoWhether you watch them from your couch or attend their games, being a New Zealand All Blacks fan can be fun and exciting. Whether you're a new fan who wants to learn some... Read More »