When did Ben Franklin discover the lighting rod?

Answer Ben Franklin invented the lightning rod in 1752. Franklin was in Philadelphia to conduct an experiment about his theory on electricity and used a metal key attached to a kite to attract an electric... Read More »

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When did Benjamin Franklin invent the lighting rod?

Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea for his lightning rod in 1750, but he didn’t finish perfecting it until 1753. Lightning rods divert electricity from lightning into the ground, so it doesn... Read More »

When did Ben Franklin invent the rocking chair?

Contrary to popular myth, Benjamin Franklin did not invent the rocking chair. Its inventor, as well as the year it was created, is unknown. The term "rocking chair" first appears in the 1787 versio... Read More »

When did Benjamin Franklin discover bifocals?

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) is thought to have worn glasses from the time he was 25 years old. He is generally credited with having conceived the idea for bifocals in the early 1760's, according ... Read More »

When did benjamin franklin make electricity?

While Benjamin Franklin did not invent electricity, he did suspect that lightning was a natural electrical current. He tested this theory with a famous kite-flying experiment in June 1752. He wante... Read More »