When did art prints began being made?

Answer Art prints followed the invention of paper, which occurred in China during the second century A.D. Soon after the development of paper, Chinese artists were creating designs in wood, which could be... Read More »

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How Are Prints From a Painting Made?

There are many reasons why a person would invest money in fine art prints. The consumer put off by the price of original work can afford prints more easily, especially if the art is printed on pape... Read More »

How many 4x6 prints can be made with a roll of Noritsu D701 paper?

A roll of D701 paper can produce approximately 646 4-by-6-inch (102-by-152-mm) prints. This estimate allows for some cutting loss. Higher amounts of cutting loss will result in fewer prints per rol... Read More »

What high street shops can i go in to with my memory card from my camera and get prints made?

Hi,i go to ASDA all the time to get mine done,it is quick, easy and cheeper.There are a lot more stores that are doing this service now, boots, Tesco's, etc.

I just filled my ink cartridge and when it prints out it prints out pink what should i do?

Try running the cartridge head cleaning routine to get any dried ink out of the cartridge 's jet opening. Run the nozzle-check test and you will see which color is not printing. When the test shows... Read More »