When did american samoa become a u.s. territory?

Answer American Samoa became a U.S. territory on April 17, 1900. Five islands and a pair of coral atolls make up American Samoa, which lies more than 2,500 miles south of Hawaii. Residents of American Sam... Read More »

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Why did the American Samoa become part of the United States?

Security clearance is authorization from a government or organization that allows access to confidential or sensitive information that is ordinarily prohibited to most employees. An individual rec... Read More »

Can an American citizen immigrate to American Samoa?

It is possible for a U.S. citizen to immigrate to American Samoa by applying for residency with the Samoa Immigration Department. U.S. citizens can visit American Samoa for up to 60 days without ap... Read More »

Can an American live in American Samoa indefinitely?

Any person can live in American Samoa indefinitely if he establishes residency. To establish residency, you must live there more than 50 percent of any year, not leave for more than 12 months with... Read More »

Islands of American Samoa?

Five distinct islands and two unpopulated atolls make up American Samoa, totaling approximately 78 square miles of land area. The American Samoan islands, located in the South Pacific Ocean, became... Read More »