What country is most important to America?

Answer That's what she said

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If you are visiting the US from out of the country and want to buy a car to travel around in can you insure it in America?

Answer Yes, insurance is usually available for just about every situation.

What is the country code for calling australia from america?

To call Australia from America, it requires the country exit code of 011, then Australia's country code which is 61. After dialing the country code, the city code and phone number are required.Sou... Read More »

In what country is the lowest point in South America?

Laguna del Carbon is a salt lake located in the Santa Cruz province of Argentina. It is 340 feet below sea level, making it the lowest point in South America and one of the lowest points in the wor... Read More »

What is the smallest Spanish-speaking country in South America?

Uruguay, located just south of Brazil on the Atlantic coast of South America with an area of 176,215 square kilometers, is the continent's second-smallest country after Suriname, whose official lan... Read More »