When did albert Einstein invent the refrigerator and how?

Answer Yes, Einstein did invent a refrigerator. He only designed one. He did not invent the FIRST one.

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Did Albert Einstein invent the refrigerator?

YES he did. Actually , He invented a refrigerator using an alternate method from the one we are used to. It only uses a small heat source to provider refrigeration.

When did Albert Einstein help nasa?

When did Albert Einstein learn math?

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) learned math beginning at 5 in elementary school (5 to 10), then went to secondary school. At 12 he learned outside of school, Euclidean geometry and--for two years--cal... Read More »

Where did Albert Einstein live when working on quantum theory?

Albert Einstein worked on the quantum theory during March of 1905. During that time he lived in Bern (also spelt "Berne"), Switzerland. Einstein lived with his wife, Mileva, and their son, Hans Alb... Read More »