When did Zacharias Jansen invent the microscope?

Answer Zacharias Jansen developed the compound microscope in the early 1590s. Historians believe that Jansen did this with the help of his father, Hans, as the younger Jansen would have only been in his t... Read More »

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When did Robert Hooke invent the microscope?

Robert Hooke, a British scientist, improved upon previously designed compound microscopes around 1665. His version resembled a telescope with a lens at each end. He used the instrument to observe v... Read More »

Who was the first scientist to invent a simple microscope?

Zacharias Janssen, a spectacle maker in Holland, created the first microscope in 1595. Hans Janssen, his father, may have helped him invent the microscope, since Zacharias was only 15 at the time o... Read More »

When did Anton van Leeuwenhoek invent the microscope?

Anton van Leeuwenhoek was born in Delft, Netherlands, in 1632. After completing an apprenticeship in Amsterdam, he returned to Delft, where he invented the microscope in the mid- to late 1600s.Refe... Read More »

Who was the person to invent the polarized light microscope?

The invention of the polarized light microscope is credited to Max Berek. He was a German mathematician and physicist who, while working for the E. Leitz firm, invented many optical instruments.Sou... Read More »