When did Wonder Bread first come on the market?

Answer In the 1920s, the Indianapolis baking company Taggart created a loaf of bread packaged with colorful balloons. In 1925, Taggart was bought by the Continental Baking Company, which began slicing the... Read More »

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When did the first PDA come out on the market?

While personal data assistants (PDA) did not reach popularity until the 1990s, the first PDA hit the market in 1984. Psion launched the first PDA, the Psion Organiser I, in 1984 and followed that w... Read More »

When was Wonder Bread invented?

Wonder was first made in 1921, according to the Brand Channel Website. The Wonder website states the bread was made by the Taggert Baking Co., but sold to the the Continental Baking Co. in 1925.Sou... Read More »

Do you ever wonder about this when those "Dragon Naturally Speaking" tv commercials come on?

Even though Windows has a speech to text program already installed, it does not have the same capabilities as Dragon. Dragon actually works better than the Windows app because you can use your mic ... Read More »

Is Wonder bread vegan?

Wonder bread is vegan. Like many other foods that are free of animal products, it is not marketed as being vegan. Two slices of Wonder bread have 110 calories and contain vitamins, minerals and pre... Read More »