When did Wikipedia start putting en on the front of their web address?

Answer This is a good question, and it is not surprising to me that (thus far) you have received incorrect answers about it.Wikipedia started as "" in January 2001. This is supported by ... Read More »

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What's to stop people putting false info on wikipedia?

People generally don't knowingly put false information in Wikipedia because it harms those who consult the encyclopedia and most people avoid harming others. However, sometimes it is done as a pran... Read More »

Is copying from wikipedia and putting it in a school report illegal?

It's not a crime, but it is wrong and theoretically the editors of the Wikipedia article could sue you for damages (since Wikipedia is given away free, that would not amount to much), or could get ... Read More »

My BMI is 20.3, should I start putting on more weight?

Under 18 - Underweight18 - 24 --> NormalAbove 24 - Over weightI wonder, your BMI is very important. And luckily, it is between 18 and 24 and you are absolutely normal, right? Then why do you wanna ... Read More »

When can you start putting blankets in a baby's bed?

On One Hand: Babies Should Be at Least 1 Year OldThe American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that parents wait until their baby is at least 12 months of age before they put bedding in the child's c... Read More »