When did Walt Disney marry?

Answer Walt Disney and Lillian Bounds were married in Lewiston, Idaho, on July 13, 1925. The marriage lasted until Walt Disney's death in 1966. Lillian Disney died 31 years to the day later, at age 98.Sou... Read More »

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When did Walt Disney build Disney World?

Walt Disney dreamed of opening Disney World in Florida for many years, and although he set construction in motion, he didn't live to see its completion. Disney died on Dec. 15, 1966. Disney World o... Read More »

When did Walt Disney start animating?

Although Walt Disney had been drawing since he was a young boy, his first original animated cartoons were created and marketed in 1920. Disney went on to create Mickey Mouse in 1928, and "Steamboat... Read More »

When did Walt Disney create Pluto?

Walt Disney created the character Pluto, a dog, in 1930. Pluto debuted in the movie "Chain Gang." He became a major character in 1934 with the film "Playful Pluto." Pluto is silent and in history o... Read More »

When was Walt Disney World formed?

The proposal to purchase land for Walt Disney World was approved in 1963. Walt Disney World opened to a crowd of 10,000 people on October 1, 1971, in Orlando, Florida. The Magic Kingdom was initial... Read More »