When did True Religion open its 1st store?

Answer Jeffrey Lubell both founded the True Religion denim blue jean design company and opened the company's first store in 2002. The first store and company base were opened in Los Angeles, California.S... Read More »

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Where are True Religion jeans manufactured?

According to the True Religion Brand Jeans company profile on its website, the company has manufactured its jeans in the United States since its founding in 2002. The company's other products, incl... Read More »

Do True Religion jeans have silk in them?

According to the product descriptions on the company's website, True Religion jeans are constructed mostly of cotton denim and do not contain silk. Some versions use additional materials, however, ... Read More »

Where are True Religion jeans made?

True Religion jeans are made in the United States. According to True Religion's official website, " the company's goal is to provide "quality, American-made, authentic, timeless, great fitting, 197... Read More »

How to wash True Religion Jeans ?

You can't get jean dye out, unfortunately. Are you sure your jeans are authentic? Most trues won't bleed colourUsually, i wash in cold water inside out and then hang to dry. Also depends on the det... Read More »