My period was due by Friday Saturday night i was with my bf and his tip was in me but he didnt come. Im woried about precum. Its a later after when my period was due and still nothing. am i pregnant?

Answer My boyfriend and I were fooling around almost 4 weeks ago. He was inside me, but we didn't physically have intercourse. He was only in for maybe 3 minutes and I have no idea if there was pre-cum. I... Read More »

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Who was the first female for Saturday night live cast member to return to host Saturday night live?

What Saturday night live alumni and future Oscar night host was jay leno's first guest when he took over the tonight show on may 25 1992?

When is one direction on Saturday night live?

Never. One Direction is lame. Those stupid brits will never be good enough to be on SNL.

When did Saturday night live premier?

Saturday Night Live first show was on October 11, 1975. Originally, called NBC's Saturday Night.