When did Pennsylvania become a colony?

Answer Pennsylvania became a colony in 1680. The King of England granted the land to William Penn, a prominent Quaker, to honor an agreement with Penn's father. The King named the land Pennsylvania after ... Read More »

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What type of colony was Pennsylvania?

William Penn, a Quaker and entrepreneur from England, established Pennsylvania Colony on the principles of religious tolerance, peace and democracy. Pennsylvania Colony's understanding of democracy... Read More »

Who founded the colony of Pennsylvania?

William Penn founded the colony of Pennsylvania in 1682, naming it after his deceased father. Penn hoped to create a colony that allowed political and religious freedom; he intended the colony also... Read More »

Who found the colony of Pennsylvania?

William Penn founded the colony of Pennsylvania. The land was given to him by Charles II in 1681 for his service to the British navy. Penn and a group of settlers arrived at the colony and establis... Read More »

When did Pennsylvania become a royal colony?

Pennsylvania officially became a royal colony after it was founded by William Penn in 1681. Penn gained the land as a grant from King Charles II to offset a debt owed to William's father.Source:Wil... Read More »