When did Dr. Bueno de Mesquita predict the end of the world would be?

Answer Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, who holds many titles, including chairman of New York University’s Department of Politics and game theory scholar, has made thousands of predictions--mostly concerning in... Read More »

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Does the bible predict a one world money system?

On One Hand: Not ExplicitlyThe Bible never once mentions a one world monetary system. The books of the Bible that are most full of end-time prophecy, Daniel and Revelation, do not have any predicti... Read More »

Is there any way to predict when trains will pass by my house?

One of the best ways to determine when a train is going to pass by a certain point is to purchase a railroad radio "scanner", which can be used to monitor radio communications use by the trains nea... Read More »

How to Predict Behavior?

So you want to predict someone’s behavior – easier said than done. But this single skill can be the most important thing you will ever learn. Every animal, every person is a system of cause and... Read More »

How to Predict a Newspaper?

You can predict a newspaper right in front of your friends and family. Amaze everyone you know!