How to Compare the Music of Mozart & Beethoven?

Answer As a 16-year-old young man, Ludwig van Beethoven may have met the older composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Vienna. A couple years later, Mozart died and Beethoven's ambition to have lessons with M... Read More »

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How many songs did Mozart write?

A fruitful composer, Mozart composed more than 600 works during a short life, which ended in December 1791, just short of his 36th birthday. The musicologist Ludwig Köchel numbered and cataloged M... Read More »

I can't download facebook app on htc mozart help?

Probably just join xboxLive

In the movie Amadeus (1984) how did Mozart meet his wife?

It's been years since I've seen the movie "Amadeus", but I believe he was chasing her around the room and under a table at a party.

When i make a long distance call, does it start charging when the person answers, or when i dial?

most of the call whether local, international or on the cellular network usually get charged once the call has been answered ... either by the individual himself or by the answering machine or any ... Read More »