When did Motorola introduce the Motorola Dynasty analog cell phone?

Answer The Motorola Dynasty was released in the 1990s. The cell phone, often called a bag phone since it came with a bag that held the transceiver and battery, was popular in Europe during the late '90s.R... Read More »

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How to Get Into a Hidden Menu on a Motorola V3 Cellphone?

Here is how to get into a hidden menu on a Motorola v3 cell phone. This hidden menu is cool and very simple to get to.

Is the Motorola V 120C phone TDMA or analog?

The Motorola V 120C uses neither TDMA nor analog technology. According to the wireless communication review website, the V 120C uses Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), a digital communi... Read More »

Is the Motorola v120c phone CDMA or analog?

The Motorola V120C cellphone operates on the CDMA mode, using the 850 and 1900 megahertz frequencies and on the AMPS (analog) mode, using the 850 megahertz frequency. For this reason it is categori... Read More »

How to Unlock a Motorola Microtac 650E Cellphone?

Got the "LOC'D" message on your old Analog Motorola? This will fix it...