When did Michigan sales tax change?

Answer The last change in Michigan sales tax took effect in 1994 when the legislature voted to raise the rate from 4 to 6 percent. Among states that have sales tax, most collect 3 to 7 percent.Source:Mich... Read More »

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Does michigan impose a sales tax on food?

Like most states, Michigan does not impose sales tax on food purchases. Prescription drugs are also exempt from sales tax. All other purchases are subject to Michigan's six percent sales tax rate, ... Read More »

When do you pay sales tax when you purchase a car in Michigan from an individual?

The General Sales Tax Act in Michigan requires all licensed car dealers to collect sales tax when a purchase is completed. If the sale of a vehicle is completed between two private parties, sales t... Read More »

Are subscriptions subject to sales tax in Michigan?

In Michigan, as of April 2010, magazine subscriptions that qualify as second-class mailing materials, whether mailed or bought at a store, are exempt from sales tax. However, as of December, 2009 M... Read More »

Salary Base for Insurance Sales in Michigan?

Millions of Michigan residents pay monthly insurance premiums for a variety of coverage. Common types include health, life, auto, home, disability and fire insurance. Business owners in Michigan al... Read More »