When did Megan's Law come into effect?

Answer Megan's Law went into effect on May 17, 1996. President Bill Clinton signed the legislation, which requires all 50 U.S. states to notify the public about convicted sex offenders living in their are... Read More »

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Describe the effect of the Business Cycle and how it affects the Real Estate Cycle including the effect it will have on Property Management as a Market Concern?

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My credit-card company closes an account I rarely used that had no balance. I have two other active long-term card accounts. Effect: Minimal, unless your balances now top 50% of your remaining cred... Read More »

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Since Jupiter is situated in your 11th house, you will be fortunate in many respects; as Jupiter will be aspecting the 3rd (= younger co-borns), the 5th (= merit, children) and the 7th (= spouse, p... Read More »