When did Medicare approve PET scans?

Answer Medicare benefit coverage for positron emission tomography (PET) scans began in 1995. Initially, coverage was limited to myocardial perfusion imaging (stress tests), but expanded to include certain... Read More »

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When are PET scans not used for cancer?

Positron emission tomography, or PET, scans can show the structure or function body tissues and organs. PET uses a radioactive tracer. While physicians may use PET to look for cancer, they also may... Read More »

When did NASA approve the Hubble SpaceTelescope project?

When did the act of Congress approve"In God We Trust"to be minted on coins?

On April 22, 1864, Congress passed an act that allowed "In God We Trust" to be placed on 1 and 2 cent coins. After "In God We Trust" became the official United States motto on July 30, 1956, the ph... Read More »

My on digital only scans to 38% when i scan for channels?

Hi that 38% about particular network or general gain?Well, the gain (signal strength) also depend of distance from source transceiver, obstacles and many times from angle (pointing) of you... Read More »