When did Mark Rothko die?

Answer Mark Rothko was born Marcus Rothkowitz in Russia in 1903, and eventually emigrated to America in 1913. Rothko is considered an American expressionist oil-based painter. Rothko died on Wednesday, Fe... Read More »

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What kind of painting does Mark Rothko do?

The National Gallery of Art defines Mark Rothko's paintings as abstract. His early works were influenced by the figurative works of Cezanne and Avery and the surrealist creations of Miro, but his l... Read More »

Mark, age 3, is having his yearly health examination. His mom rather proudly, tells you that Mark eat's one?

I would tell her "it's really good that he likes fresh apples and carrots. How about taking him to a greengrocers and letting him choose other fruits and vegetables to try? It's really nice that yo... Read More »

When mark finds out zoey is a mew mew?

I am not sure what episode when he found out but I read Tokyo mew mew volume 5 he looked he not happy at all

Who won on Disney channel mark your mark?

AKsquared won make your mark and will guest star in a brand new episode of shake it up.