When did Madam C.J. Walker invent the hair straightener?

Answer Contrary to popular belief, Madam C.J. Walker did not, in fact, invent the pressing comb. The hot pressing comb was in use among white clientele long before Walker popularized it among African Amer... Read More »

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What did Madame C J Walker invent?

Madame C. J. Walker, whose real name was Sarah Breedlove McWilliams Walker, was a 19th century African American entrepreneur. She invented a series of hair treatments and products, including Madam ... Read More »

What does it mean when someone addresses you with madam?

"Madam" should be used before a woman's surname to display respect when addressing a woman of a high social status. Additionally, madam is used to display a form of politeness, before a woman's off... Read More »

How to Straighten Wavy Hair Without Using a Hair Straightener?

If you do not like using a flat iron to straighten your hair, you can choose to straighten hair with a blow drier. This method of straightening hair is called a blowout, and it's popular because it... Read More »

How to Curl Hair with a Hair Straightener?

Curling hair with a hair straightener? That sounds contradictory, but it is indeed possible, and it looks fantastic! These curls are loose waves that sometimes last longer than hair curled with a... Read More »