When did Louis daguerre first discover photography?

Answer June/July of 1827

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What did Mary& Louis Leakey discover?

In 1948, Mary and Louis Leakey discovered the skull of a Miocene hominoid in Africa. The ape-like creature lived between 14 and 23 million years ago and is now believed to be the origin of humans a... Read More »

What did Mary& Louis Leaky discover?

Louis and Mary Leakey together and separately made several major discoveries of skeletons and fossils of ancient hominids in Africa. One major discovery was of the fossilized remains of a primate s... Read More »

What did Mary and Louis Leakey discover?

In 1959, Louis and Mary Leakey discovered and named a fossil of a hominid, or human ancestor, in Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. The fossil was about 1.75 million years old, and it was named Zinjanthropus... Read More »

When did scientists first discover the Viceroy butterfly?

The Viceroy butterfly's Latin name is Limenitis archippus. It was first given this name by scientists in 1776. The Viceroy is similar to the Monarch in appearance and has few predators because of i... Read More »