When did London Zoo open?

Answer The London Zoo, the world's oldest scientific zoo, opened on April 27, 1828. It was intended as a collection for scientific study, but opened to the public in 1847. An interesting note is that auth... Read More »

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When did the tower of london open to tourism?

Although the Tower of London had wealthy sightseers as early as the late 1500s, it wasn't until the late 1830s that the Tower was made accessible to everyone. In 1838, a ticket office opened where ... Read More »

What year did Shakespeare's Globe Theatre open in London?

The original Globe Theater opened on the bank of the Thames River in London in 1599. It was burned down in 1613, and reopened in 1614. In 1642, the Puritans closed the theater, and it was destroyed... Read More »

What London landmark did Queen Elizabeth II open up to tourism in 1993?

In 1993, Queen Elizabeth II opened Buckingham Palace to the public. When the Queen leaves the royal apartments for Scotland in August and September, visitors can tour the palace and see the collect... Read More »

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